Shalom.  I am Robert Yantis and my wife's name is Christine.  God blessed our union with four wonderful children, one son and three daughters.  Each are married to wonderful mates.  They have blessed us with 14 grandchildren, ranging in ages from 9 to 23, 6 boys and 8 girls.  Our family is our greatest delight.
    Just a little history about us, I was the senior pastor of two congregations from 1976 to 2004.  We also founded and operated the Sturgis Christian School from 1989 to 2003, graduating 30 from high school and educating many more. 
  Currently we host a congregation called the Gentle Eagle Gathering that is open to the public and meets at 9:30 am Saturday.  We celebrate the biblical feasts throughout the year as well.  (check out the Events page to see the upcoming schedule)  This is an exciting time as we follow the Bible without the restrictions of the corporate church or the extra biblical traditions from the last 2000 years.  Living in this culture brings better understanding to the Word of God.  Many travel over 50 miles one way to fellowship and study with us.  The more we learn, the more we know how much we still need to learn about our awesome eternal God.  We love this "family" and these appointed times where Yahu asked us to meet with Him.
   In 1997, God blessed us with the opportunity to purchase about 10 acres 4 miles east of Sturgis.  During the Sturgis Rally several previous campers showed up expecting to camp.  That's how our campground began!  We love the "family re-union" of bikers that come each year.  We also love living on the prairie of South Dakota.
   We are continually making improvements to the campground and we want to be available to campers from April to October.  Check out our web site at today for more information and registration. 
    We are building the Gentle Eagle Garden of Scriptures which includes a walking path lined with hundreds of Bible verses.  After the blizzard in October 2013, we experienced much flooding and some of the path had to be relocated and redone.  We were able to complete the path and now the theme locations are being developed.  The gardens are a work in progress.  We love the Scripture Gardens and the recreational motivation it has given to us personally.  Come walk the path and be inspired!
   May you, your family, and friends be blessed as you live godly lives.