Robert Yantis has been pastoring churches since 1977.  He graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1982 with majors in Bible and Pastoral Studies and a minor in Biblical Languages.  His studies included Pastoral Counseling, Philosophy and Ethics.  He recently received Counseling Practitioner Certification through Achology - Modern Applied Psychology.
Yantis and his family have lived in the Sturgis area since 1983.  This area has unique challenges with marriage and divorce, PTSD, drugs and alcohol, suicide, the jobless and the homeless.  His upbringing involved rural ranch life as well as the motorcycle community.  Robert has been known for his connectivity and listening skills as well as motivational abilities. He is available for counseling sessions inside or outside of the religious environment.

Gentle Eagle
Finding the Wind That Lifts You Higher
45 minute Counseling Sessions take place at the Gentle Eagle Manor and are paid for at the time of registration.  The dates and times can be changed but the registration is non-refundable.
Counseling begins with a three session block costing $100.  Each following pre-paid session is $60.  Counseling is provided without charge to those attending the Saturday gatherings at Gentle Eagle. 
Contact Information for the Gentle Eagle
Robert and Christine Yantis
13194 Alkali Road
Sturgis, South Dakota  57785