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Gentle Eagle Merchant

You are the physical representation of God.  You have been given the blessing of God, which gives you permission to multiply and succeed, fill the world with your presence, and be of the most esteemed physical beings.  The only limitations are the fences that have been built by others to keep us at bay.  God will give you all the tools to let your ship sail in His current.  Master your world and manage the resources that have been given to you.

And God made man in His image, in the image of God He made him: male and female He made them. And God gave them His blessing and said to them, Be fertile and have increase, and make the earth full and be masters of it; be rulers over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing moving on the earth. Genesis 1:27,28
This passage and 314 other tiles with hundreds of verses express motivational principles along a quarter mile path in the Gentle Eagle Garden of Scriptures, located east of Sturgis South Dakota toward the city’s airport.  For years the verses have been printed on paper, laminated, and taped on pavers.  This was always considered a temporary attempt until we could get the scriptures engraved permanently.  Now, we have the opportunity and people like you have been and could still be a great help to this project.

Hundreds of hours have been donated and thousands of dollars have been contributed to shine lights of encouragement into the lives of many people.  Every tile takes over 6 hours of laser engraving besides the set-up time.  We purchased our own engraver and a building to house the print shop.  Our friends that meet with us each week have been very generous and I know that there are many more of you who would like to share in the experience.

It is heart-warming to see the folks who stay with us at the Gentle Eagle Campground walking the path and picking out a few of the readings that they remember from childhood.  Some people have given up on God because of the way they had been treated or misunderstood by those associated with the church.  Some have been curious because of the names of God that remain in the Hebrew format.  For whatever reason, we know that the Bible conveys spiritual motivation that changes lives.

We are asking that you would consider giving a gift of $25 dollars to the Gentle Eagle Ministries for the “Garden of Scriptures Project”.  You may use the PayPal button when giving in $25 increments.  It will take a thousand contributors to cover all the expenses and I know that God will provide those who can partner with us.  We are also asking for people to join us in prayer that the Spirit of God would draw people to Himself in this place that we are preparing for Him.
If you would like to give a gift in honor or in memory of a someone special, please send us that information.  This will be displayed in a book of appreciation. 

We also have products for sale.  The proceeds will go to completing and maintaining the Garden of Scriptures. You may view and purchase these at Etsy (  We are going to be adding more products so please check back often.
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