We find it very difficult to get anything to grow and stay alive where we live.  I have planted hundreds of trees, only to watch them die.  There's not enough water.  The ground is too hard or there's too much alkali.  The grass never seems to get very tall even though the weeds do well.  The more that we water the vegetable garden, the slower it grows.  Now, I know that there are reasons and that there are ways to overcome the challenges, but the ways take time, money, and work.  More than what I think my resources are.

Then an idea was given to me by my wife.  We could plant seed that would not produce fruit most of the time, but once we planted the seed, it would have the potential to bear fruit for years to come.  We would invite others to come and we would share our seed and let as many as wanted take the seed with them.  The fruit that will grow will be good and satisfying - energized with integrity.  There will be those who will attack our garden and try to discredit the value of the seed or the fruit.  There will be those who will take some of the seed, but do nothing with it or forget the healthy benefits.  There will be those who will not understand the application and totally miss the point. 

"Now this is the point of the story: The seed is the word of God. Those by the side of the road are those who have given hearing; then the Evil One comes and takes away the word from their hearts, so that they may not have faith and get salvation. And those on the rock are those who with joy give hearing to the word; but having no root, they have faith for a time, and when the test comes they give up. And those which went among thorns are those who have given hearing, and go on their way, but they are overcome by cares and wealth and the pleasures of life, and they give no fruit. And those in the good earth are those who, having given ear to the word, keep it with a good and true heart, and in quiet strength give fruit."  (Luke 8:11-15)

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The Garden of Scriptures

Imagine a walking path that makes a complete circle around a couple of acres.  Every four feet there is a stone with one or more Bible verses attached to it that can be read by visitors.  There are benches where people can sit, rest and meditate on the words they have just read.  There are seven locations dedicated to specific themes. 
  • Creation Orchard
  • Covenant Mountain
  • Commitment Crossing
  • Counselors Oasis
  • Courage Grove
  • Compassion Cove
  • Commission Pond

The translation used is the Bible in Basic English (1965) edited by Gentle Eagle.  The Sacred Names of God have been preserved for the purposes of emphasis, meaning and honor.  The Name of God as the Father has been transliterated "YaHuweh", and the Name of God as the Son has been transliterated "YahuShua". 

Imagine a mother who has just lost her husband and three children in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver who lived thru the wreck and has very little remorse.  What verses of Scripture would be a benefit to her wounded spirit and empty soul?  Maybe some of these Bible verses would minister to her and others who need encouragement.  Please feel free to walk this imaginary path or come and visit Gentle Eagle.  Find more information on our Contact page.

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